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Red Door understands that every project and client's needs are unique. We have built three types of in-home consultations to help narrow down your needs and get you the help to complete your project with your specific style! 

Red Door Design In-Home Consultation

"I just need a little direction."

  • You want a designer to create a vision and design plan only:
  • $400 consultation fee – up to 2 hour, in-home meeting.
  • Plan to tackle 2-3 adjoining spaces or 1 large space. 
  • Plan to discuss 1-2 design challenges. 
  • This includes floor planning diagrams (2-3)
  • A design board, which includes furniture and décor options that fit your vision for the space.
  • Product recommendations. 
  • This is a great option for DIY’er; someone who just needs a little direction, but wants to do the shopping and set-up for their room on their own.
  • You will be doing all the legwork, hiring and managing contractors, ordering furniture and dealing with all the logistics and trouble shooting as needed. You are willing to put in the work involved so that as many of your dollars as possible go towards the actual decoration of your space.

Red Door Design Renovation or Custom Build Consultation with your Preferred Contractor. 

"I have a contractor, but I need help with selections."

Some clients enter into a project with a builder or contractor and realize later that they need help.
Don't worry! We got your back! 

Red door Design has worked with many builders and contractors in the Cincinnati area and we have a consultation that is just right for this situation. Red Door Design offers special pricing when working directly with builders or clients building a custom home or planning for a major renovation. 

Start with The Red Door Design In-Home Consultation
($400 - 2 hour in-person meeting)
$3/ sq. ft. design fee for whole house design consultation and selections. Minimum of 2500 sq. ft. 
$3/ sq. ft. for partial home design consultation and selections and renovations.  Minimum of 1000 sq. ft. 
Exterior design and color recommendations will be quoted separately from the interior square footage. 

This consultation includes hard finish material selections only. See Full-scale, turn key project for additional services offered to help complete your space. 


Red Door Full Scale, Turn Key Project

"I am too busy to coordinate a project and I trust Red Door Design to make decisions and deliver a turn-key project based on my own personal style."

Red Door Design works exclusively with Tim Williams’ Construction for full-scale, turn-key projects. See Custom Build and Major Renovations for projects involving your own contractor. 

  •  In addition to a design plan, you want a full-scale, turn-key project where you only want to have to speak with the designer or contractor and they will deal with all other parties involved.
  • This includes everything from flooring, cabinetry, carpet, furniture, window treatments and accessories. When you walk in, it’s done! · 
  • Initial $500 Consultation Fee – up to 2 hours in your home with the designer and a separate meeting with the contractor discussing all projects eligible for re-design or renovation.
  • The initial consultation fee includes: Floor layout diagrams (2-3) for each space, Design Board – includes hard finish, furniture and decor options that fit your vision for the space.
  • Formal selection meeting/s – depending on the size of the project.
  • Clients are given 30 days past the selection meeting to make changes.
  • Hourly rates apply for additional meetings or extensive revisions/changes to the original design plan once approved.
  • The designer will complete all material ordering to ensure the project stays on track. 
  • Full-scale, Turn-Key projects are quoted individually based on your specific needs and rooms involved in the project. 

A few things to know about hiring an interior designer.

  • Let the initial consultation be your interview process. Get to know us and decide if we are someone you can trust and someone you can work with. 
  • Review our portfolio and determine is our style can fit your style needs. Every designer has a different niche!
  • Many updated projects can be found on facebook!
  • All consultations require the Red Door Design Questionnaire be completed prior to the consultation. Be specific and take your time. We really value this information and refer to it throughout your project. 

    ****As of 1/1/2018 at 3% convenience fee will be applied to all payments by credit card. ****